Current Students

Can I transfer between the MCIT Online and the on-campus program?

No, students are not allowed to transfer between the on-campus and online MCIT programs.

Are online students required to have health insurance?

Online students are strongly encouraged but not required to have health insurance. Online students are not eligible for Penn’s student health insurance plan(s).

I am currently an undergrad/master’s/PhD student at Penn. Can I take an online MCIT course?

Only students who have been admitted to the MCIT Online program are permitted to take online courses for credit. We are offering a Computational Thinking for Problem Solving course on Coursera that is open to all learners. We also offer a multi-course open enrollment specialization Introduction to Programming with Java and Python.

Can current Penn students transfer into the MCIT Online program?

Current Penn students may not enroll in the MCIT Online program while they are simultaneously enrolled in a degree program on-campus. On-campus students can apply to submatriculate into the on-campus MCIT program.