Does MCIT Online require a thesis?

No, MCIT Online students are not required to write a thesis.

Does this degree qualify me for a PhD?

It’s possible to go on to a PhD program, but you would likely need to supplement your studies with research to be prepared for a PhD program.

What programming languages will I learn?

The MCIT Online curriculum includes Python, Java (including data structures), C and C++.

You will also learn fundamental concepts that allow you to quickly learn many other languages – including Rust, Go, JavaScript, etc. – even though they are not explicitly taught in our curriculum.

Does an MCIT Online degree carry the same weight as an on-campus degree?

Yes! You’ll enjoy the high-quality instructors that Penn Engineering’s on-campus program is known for, and you’ll graduate with the same degree and same diploma.

What career options will I have with this degree?

Graduates of MCIT go on to rewarding careers in aerospace, consulting, education, finance, healthcare, and technology, to name a few. For details, see Alumni Outcomes.

Do I need to be proficient in a particular programming language?

No, the program is specifically designed for students with minimal or no prior computer science experience.

Can I transfer courses from another university?

After being accepted to the program you may transfer up to two courses, subject to faculty approval. Please see the Penn Engineering Graduate Student Handbook for further details.