Ric Calvillo is co-founder and CEO of Nanigans, a leading advertising automation software company with six offices worldwide. Mr. Calvillo has 20-plus years of startup experience as a serial entrepreneur, having founded and led three technology companies.

Prior to Nanigans, Mr. Calvillo was Founder and CEO of Incipient, a venture-backed data storage infrastructure software company. Before this he founded and led Conley Corporation, which was acquired by EMC Corporation in 1998. Conley Corp. developed enterprise data storage software, including the award-winning EMC PowerPath. Mr. Calvillo spent three years at EMC Corporation as General Manager of the EMC Cambridge Software Center.

Mr. Calvillo holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and has a strong commitment to education, as credited though his generous charitable support to both Penn Engineering and Squashbusters of Massachusetts.

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