Join our world-renowned faculty to stay up to date on new developments in computer science and engineering, and build on your Penn credentials. As a Penn Engineering graduate, you’re eligible to rejoin the Penn community by enrolling in stand-alone courses for credit.

Courses & Policies

Penn Engineering alumni can enroll in a maximum of two (2) CUs of courses without adhering to a degree or certificate curriculum. Taking a course at Penn Engineering Online will be for credit and a final grade will be assigned. The course will be reflected on the student’s Penn academic transcript and is eligible to be applied towards a future Penn Engineering Online degree or certificate.

All students must meet the prerequisite requirements for the courses they wish to take. A student can take any course that is offered (excludes DATO 5990 or independent study) and available in the semester in which they apply.


Penn Engineering alumni are eligible to apply to Take a Course. Current students may start an application during their last semester and must graduate from their degree program.


Each course provides a fully immersive and supported academic experience, with world-class faculty, live office hours, and TA support. You can enroll on a per-course basis, or you can apply your credits toward a certificate or degree program.


Choose Your Course

Review the prerequisite knowledge needed for MCIT Online courses and MSE-DS Online courses and rank the top course choices for which you would like to be considered. Below is a guide to show which courses students are most eligible for based on their Penn Engineering major:

  • Any Penn Engineering major: All MCIT or MSE-DS core courses are open to any undergraduate or graduate Penn Engineering major.
  • CIS undergraduate and graduate majors OR ESE undergraduate and graduate majors: All listed MCIT and MSE-DS electives are best fit for CIS and ESE majors.

Unofficial Penn Engineering Transcript

Scan a copy of your official transcript or download a pdf from Path@Penn (Penn InTouch for Spring 2022 and earlier graduates).

Application Deadlines

Summer 2024Fall 2024Spring 2025
Application Form OpensJanuary 3, 2024April 8, 2024August 5, 2024
Application Form ClosesMarch 28, 2024June 28, 2024November 28, 2024
Decision NotificationRollingRollingRolling
Confirmation Form DueApril 19, 2024July 12, 2024December 2, 2024
Orientation StartsApril 2024July 2024December 4, 2024
Classes BeginMay 2024August 2024January 2024

Note: Admission decisions will be released no more than 30 days after your application form is submitted.



Academic Year Costs*

Tuition$3,500 per course unit
Online Services Fees$156 per course unit
*Tuition and fees are posted as a guide and will be adjusted on a yearly basis.

**Half Credit Courses are billed at half tuition and half fees.

***Courses taken as part of the Take a Course program are not eligible for federal financial aid.

Student Experience

Discover more about the Penn Engineering Online learning experience and what you can expect from virtual learning.

Students will have access to the following Penn Engineering Online resources (and continue their access to Penn Alumni services). 

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