As a member of the Penn Engineering Online program, students have a range of options for engaging with the program. Students can work with faculty on course instruction as a TA, further their teaching skills as a TLP, or work as an Academic Coaches by providing peer support. 

Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants guide Penn Engineering Online students to academic success by helping them engage with and understand the course materials. TAs will serve as one of the primary sources of knowledge and expertise for our students. Penn Engineering Online faculty, staff, and head TAs support the teaching assistants in establishing and maintaining these working relationships.

Teaching and Learning Practicum

The Teaching and Learning Practicum (TLP) provides high-performing Penn Engineering Online students the opportunity to gain additional skills in their field through practicing educational leadership and mentoring. The TLP program combines formal training with practical experience leading to a Teaching Practicum course on their transcript. 

Peer-to-Peer Coaches

Academic Coaches & Technical Interview Coaches play an instrumental part in helping Penn Engineering Online students achieve their goals. As students transition into MCIT, Academic Coaches meet with them regularly to provide guidance related to the MCIT Online program and its introductory courses — CIT 5910, CIT 5920, and CIT 5930. Technical Interview Coaches lead weekly practice sessions and mock interviews aimed at equipping students with essential skills for technical interviews. 

Penn Engineering Online Community

Learn about the value of the Penn Engineering Online community and the impact that your mentorship and involvement will have upon other students.

MCIT Online Community

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