Faculty Leadership

Tom Farmer

  • Senior Lecturer, Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering & Department of Computer and Information Science
  • Program Director, Online Master of Computer and Information Technology

Email: tfarmer@seas.upenn.edu

Boon Thau Loo

  • RCA Professor, Computer and Information Science Department
  • Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
  • Director, Distributed Systems Laboratory

Email: boonloo@cis.upenn.edu

Staff Leadership

Becca Hayward

  • Executive Director, Penn Engineering Online

Email: beccah@seas.upenn.edu

Ira Winston

  • Director of Special Projects for Penn Engineering

Email: ira@seas.upenn.edu

Olivia Nyce Roth

  • Director of Online Academic Programs

Email: oliviarb@seas.upenn.edu


Kendall Johnson

  • Assistant Director of Student Affairs

Email: kendjo@seas.upenn.edu

Adrienne Yoder

  • Student Success Manager

Email: yodera@seas.upenn.edu

Kristopher Elmer

  • Student Success Advisor

Email: kelmer@seas.upenn.edu

Erin Graves

  • Admissions Manager

Email: elgraves@seas.upenn.edu


Dylan Fenton

  • Director of Instructional Design & Delivery

Email: dfenton@seas.upenn.edu

Kathleen Sheehy

  • Course Delivery Program Manager

Email: ksheehy@seas.upenn.edu

Eleanor Tecosky-Feldman

  • Course Manager

Email: ellietf@seas.upenn.edu

Mel Wellman

  • Course Manager

Email: wellman@seas.upenn.edu

Lindsey S. Kellogg

  • Senior Learning Experience Designer

Email: lkello@seas.upenn.edu

Ammarah Aftab

  • Learning Experience Designer

Email: aammarah@seas.upenn.edu

Nandita Padmanabhan

  • Learning Experience Designer

Email: nanditap@seas.upenn.edu

Diane Hoffstetter

  • Learning Experience Engineer

Email: dianehof@seas.upenn.edu


Coley Coleman

  • Marketing and Digital Communications Specialist

Email: coleyjc@seas.upenn.edu


Laura Orsetti

  • Associate Director of Business Operations

Email: lorsetti@seas.upenn.edu

Kat Veri

  • Senior Video Producer

Email: katveri@seas.upenn.edu

Career Services

Emily Parry

  • Associate Director of Professional Development and Networking

Email: eparry@seas.upenn.edu