A Penn Engineering Online degree is an excellent investment in your future. At Penn, our degree programs offer an exceptional impact at a substantially lower cost than many other options, and federal grant and loan programs are available for US citizens. 

Many students continue working full time during the program, taking advantage of the flexibility of our online, part-time programming. 


Tuition and fees for Penn Engineering Online are based on course units. Paying each semester based on the number of courses you are taking. You may also need to purchase textbooks or supplies.


Academic Year Costs*

Tuition$3,500 per course unit
Online Services Fees$156 per course unit
*Tuition and fees are posted as a guide and will be adjusted on a yearly basis.

**Half Credit Courses are billed at half tuition and half fees.

***Students admitted before Fall 2022, please contact a Student Success Advisor for details on tuition and fee amounts.

Enrollment Deposit:

The $300 deposit you paid when you submitted your enrollment form is non-refundable. A $300 credit will be applied to your account after the add/drop deadline has passed. This $300 credit will be applied to the tuition bill for the next semester that you register for courses.

Financial Aid & Scholarship Information

Online students who are enrolled in at least two courses are eligible to apply for federal student loans. Eligibility for international students depends on their status.

Dean’s Master’s Scholarship

Starting with the Fall 2022 cohort, incoming Penn Engineering Online students will be eligible to apply for our Dean’s Master’s Scholarship. We also invite you to explore our list of additional funding sources for graduate students

Payment Options

We offer several options to help you finance your education, including a plan that lets you spread your payments out over time. For more information, visit our Student Registration & Financial Services website.

We also encourage you to explore tuition reimbursement programs through your employer. If you’re a Penn employee or a dependent of one, you may be eligible for employee tuition remission benefits

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