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MSE-AI Online Dual Degree

THE RAJ AND NEERA SINGH Program in Artificial Intelligence: Master of Science in Engineering in AI Online Dual Degree Program is part of the University of Pennsylvania’s pioneering initiative aimed to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in Artificial Intelligence, addressing the growing demand for expertise in this field. MCIT Online students will earn both a Master of Computer and Information Technology (MCIT) degree and a Master of Science in Engineering in Artificial Intelligence (MSE-AI). The program reflects Penn’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and providing students with opportunities to excel in emerging domains critical to our future society.

MSE-AI Online Dual Degree

MSE-DS Online Dual Degree

The MSE-DS Dual Degree Program offered by the University of Pennsylvania is a unique and comprehensive academic opportunity that allows students to earn both a Penn Engineering graduate degree and a Master of Science in Engineering in Data Science (MSE-DS). This interdisciplinary program equips students with a diverse skill set, combining the expertise of traditional engineering disciplines with cutting-edge data science techniques, preparing them for successful careers in industries at the forefront of technological innovation.

MSE-DS Online Dual Degree


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