Your Penn Engineering Online degree will open the door to a world of opportunities—not only in software development and related technical fields, but also in industries as diverse as finance, healthcare, education, and government. 

You’ll learn to think like an engineer and solve problems in innovative ways. You’ll graduate as a well-rounded and versatile professional who can: 

  • Combine mathematical foundations and engineering principles to solve real-world computing problems
  • Design, construct, and maintain high-quality software as part of a collaborative development team
  • Assess the appropriate use of modern techniques, skills, and tools in developing data solutions
  • Apply algorithmic thinking and computer science theory to the modeling and analysis of software systems

Students in a Penn Engineering Online from the MCIT Online program have gone on to careers at companies like Amazon Web Services, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, as well as at smaller companies and entrepreneurial startups across the nation. 

Career Switch

Halfway through her first year in MCIT Online, Xunjing Wu is considering applying for a product management role.

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Alumni Network

When you graduate, you’ll join Penn Engineering’s vibrant alumni network of more than 28,000 business leaders, innovators and researchers around the globe. From continuing education opportunities to professional networking events, we’re committed to helping you expand your connections.

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Career Services

You’ll have access to professional career services throughout any Penn Engineering Online program. Build your interviewing skills, meet one on one with a career advisor to map your career goals, enjoy access to an extensive array of job listings, and much more.

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