Through the University of Pennsylvania Engineering Online’s
Master of Science in Engineering in Data Science curriculum
dive into complex data science topics like: artificial intelligence, big data systems, data science for health,
deep learning,
natural language processing,
internet and web systems, and
machine learning.

“Data scientists and data engineers are the cooks and chefs of the data world. Data science is one of the fastest-growing professions in the world, and for good reason.”
 James C. Gee
James C. Gee
  • Program Director, Online Master of Science in Engineering in Data Science
  • Professor, Departments of Radiology and Computer and Information Science
  • Director, Penn Image Computing and Science Laboratory
“What I love about teaching is seeing people finally understand something they thought was hard. I love to be able to tell a story that helps someone understand why a concept is important. And I think that the tools that I teach in the course are very helpful for their career. So I like to think that it’s going to help them in their future life in some way.”
 Susan Davidson
Susan Davidson
  • Weiss Professor, Computer and Information Science Department
“When you look at basically every aspect of our daily lives, underneath it all, there’s a computing angle to it. As technologists, we are building algorithms and devices that are people’s portals in their daily lives – and that puts us in a really powerful and unique position.”
 Zachary G. Ives
Zachary G. Ives
  • Adani President’s Distinguished Professor and Department Chair, Department of Computer and Information Science

MSE-DS Online Academic Journey

MSE-DS Online Course Catalog

Explore the Course Catalog to access detailed information regarding the degree requirements and curriculum for the MSE-DS Online program.

MSE-DS Online Sample Degree Plan

Students have access to a Student Success Advising Team, which helps students create personalized degree plans and explore different degree completion options through sample course plans.

Expanding Your Academic Journey

MSE-DS Online + Online Graduate Cert

Gain expertise in crucial computer science areas and expand your career horizons with our certificates in Artificial Intelligence and Software Systems

Eligibility – Graduates of MSE-DS Online.

Academic Plan – If you graduated in the last five (5) years, you may transfer in two (2) courses for your Certificate. Certificates consist of four (4) courses from the certificate plan.

MSE-DS Online + Take A Course

Take new electives that have been released with content relating to cutting edge technology. Pivot to a new area of learning to expose yourself to other areas of career opportunities.

Eligibility – Graduates of MSE-DS Online.

Academic Plan – Join Penn Engineering Online for a single semester to boost your knowledge and discover new areas.

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