Motivated MCIT Online students

… particularly those passionate about Artificial Intelligence, have the opportunity to pursue a dual degree by enrolling in THE RAJ AND NEERA SINGH Program in Artificial Intelligence: Master of Science in Engineering in AI Online.

MCIT Online alumni that meet the eligibility criteria will graduate from their Penn Engineering graduate program and matriculate as a MSE-AI Online student, transferring four (4) course units of electives from their graduate degree program and taking six (6) additional MSE-AI Online course units resulting in two graduate degrees from Penn Engineering for a total of sixteen (16) course units.

Dual Degree Request Information Form


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High-achieving MCIT Online students who have graduated within the last 5 years are welcome to apply for the dual degree. Current students may apply during their final semester before graduation. Eligible students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 and be in good standing with the University at the time of application.

Example Plans of Study

All student must submit a plan of study after they are admitted to the MSE-AI Dual Degree program. If you have any questions about your plan of study, please submit a Dual Degree Request Information Form.

Example Plan of Study for MCIT Students

Course UnitsProgram Selections
6 CUsMCIT Core
4 CUsApproved, transferrable MCIT CUs that are relevant to MSE-AI Degree Online*
6 CUsMSE-AI Online remaining requirements**
16 CUs Total

* Consult an academic advisor about your plan of study. If you have taken an eligible course outside of MCIT Online, please consult with an Academic Advisor. MCIT Online Courses transferred to MSE-AI Online must be completed within five (5) years from the start of the MSE-AI program.

**In order to graduate with the MSE-AI Online degree, a minimum of 6 CUs must be taken towards the degree. All 10 CUs applied towards the MSE-AI Online degree are required to be taken at Penn.

How to Apply

In order to apply for Penn Engineering Online Dual Degree program applicants will need to submit documentation through the application portal.

The Application

Applications for Spring 2025 will open on August 5, 2024.

Application Fee

No Application Fee

Personal Statement

The personal statement should be a 500-750 word essay that answers the questions below. Please provide detailed and specific examples from academia, industry, or research when possible.

  • Why do you wish to pursue a dual degree with the MSE-AI Online program?
  • How will you benefit from the dual degree?
  • Why will you succeed in the dual degree?

Unofficial Penn Engineering Transcript

Scan a copy of your official transcript or download a pdf from Path@Penn (Penn InTouch for Spring 2022 and earlier graduates).

Double-Counting Penn Engineering Courses

You will be required on the application to indicate which four (4) course units you plan to double-count from your Penn Engineering graduate degree to your dual degree.

Technical Requirements

  • Internet – This is an online degree program and it is your responsibility to have and maintain internet access that permits you to receive and transmit information freely for the duration of the program. Penn is not responsible for any inability to access the program due to disruptions in your internet service, whether caused by technical problems, governmental or other third party actions.
  • Proctored Exams – A few times each semester, students will take proctored exams. Please see the system requirements for Honorlock, the proctoring service used by the program.
  • We do not recommend using a computer provided by your work. Work computers may not provide students access to install important software and corporate firewalls may prevent activities required by the program.

If you are looking to purchase a laptop or notebook:  Laptop and Notebook Purchasing Guides

Important Dates and Deadlines

We offer Fall, Spring, and Summer start dates. Those who are not current students or alumni but are interested in the MCIT | MSE-AI Online Dual Degree program should explore the MCIT Online application timeline.

Application Timeline*

Summer 2024Fall 2024Spring 2025
Application Form OpensJanuary 3, 2024March 11, 2024August 5, 2024
Application Form ClosesFebruary 29, 2024June 3, 2024October 7, 2024
Decision NotificationMarch 15, 2024June 14, 2024November 8, 2024
Deposit DueApril 4, 2024July 12, 2024December 2, 2024
Orientation StartsApril 2024July 2024December 4, 2024
Classes BeginMay 2024August 2024January 2025

*MCIT | MSE-AI Online Dual Degree is a new program option and will not be open until August 5th for the Spring 2025 cohort.

To learn more, please see the MSE-AI Online Admissions and Program Information FAQs for more frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I qualified for the MSE-AI Online program?

Please refer to the MSE-AI Online admissions page for complete details.



Can I apply for the Dual Degree in the semester I am completing my final course requirement?

 Yes, current students may begin an application in the last term of their program and must graduate before becoming a Dual Degree student.

How do I know which courses to take if I am a dual-degree student?

Please reach out to the Student Success Team for advising assistance.

How long will the second degree portion of the dual degree typically take to complete?

Once Dual Degree students matriculate into the dual degree program, they must complete the degree within three years. If needed, they may take a leave of absence (LOA) during that time for a maximum of two Fall/Spring semesters.

Can I apply to the Dual Degree program if I graduated from my Penn Engineering program over 5 years ago?

To determine eligibility, work backward from the semester that you would like to start the Dual Degree. The date of your graduation must be five years (or fewer) from that semester. Students who have graduated over 5 years from the semester they planned to begin the Dual Degree are ineligible to apply. This is because Penn Engineering CUs expire after 5 years and can no longer be transferred into the Dual Degree. In order to participate in the Dual Degree program, students must have 4 transferrable CUs that count towards their dual degree (see sample plan above). If you are a student without transferable CUs or only have expired CUs, we would like to encourage you to apply directly to one of our degree programs

If I do not complete an Online Graduate Certificate, can I apply to the Dual Degree program?

Yes. However, please review all Dual Degree policies for degree completion and double counting courses on the Dual Degree webpage. At least six course units must be taken towards your dual degree. Only four course units from your prior Penn Engineering graduate programs (degree or certificate) may transfer in.

Can I complete an Online Graduate Certificate after I graduate from my Penn Engineering degree and then apply to a Dual Degree program?

Yes. However, students can never triple-count a course and only a maximum of four course units can be brought into the Dual Degree. With this, you would still be completing six course units for the Dual Degree.

Can I complete more than one Dual Degree?

No, this is not possible. This is because no course may be triple counted, i.e., counted for more than two credentials.

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