Build your Computer Science Skill Set

Penn Engineering’s accelerated MCIT Online degree combines Ivy League quality with the flexibility of a virtual experience. 

Designed specifically for students who are new to computer science, MCIT Online offers the same innovative curriculum and high-quality teaching as Penn’s on-campus program. Regardless of what you studied as an undergraduate, motivated students will build a strong foundation in computer science and gain real-world coding skills.

Core courses and electives blend computer science theory and applied, project-based learning. You’ll use real-world tools and environments such as TensorFlow and Amazon Cloud, and you’ll have ongoing access to Penn Engineering faculty and TAs through live office hours and discussion forums. 

“Working with an instructional designer improved the way I teach my courses on campus. Since incorporating some of the online learning methodologies into my course, I found I am connecting with students more than I have in years.”
Susan Davidson
Susan Davidson
  • Weiss Professor, Computer and Information Science Department
“My course teaches two of the most popular programming languages in the world to people who have never coded before. After taking my course, students have the ability to create a desktop or mobile app, or use the concepts in fields such as data science and visualization.”
Brandon Krakowsky
Brandon Krakowsky
  • Lecturer, Computer and Information Science Department
  • Research and Education Director at the Wharton School
“Teaching in this program has been incredibly rewarding. I am blown away by how motivated our students are, especially given that many of them are working full time and taking classes at the same time.”
Boon Thau Loo
Boon Thau Loo
  • RCA Professor, Computer and Information Science Department
  • Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
  • Director, Distributed Systems Laboratory

MCIT Online Academic Journey

MCIT Online Course Catalog

Explore the Course Catalog to access detailed information regarding the degree requirements and curriculum for the MCIT Online program

MCIT Online Sample Plan of Study

Students have access to a Student Success Advising Team, which helps students create personalized degree plans and explore different degree completion options through sample course plans.

Expanding Your Academic Journey

MCIT | MSE-DS Online Dual Degree

You’ve built your MCIT skills and foundations, now take it up a level to MSE-DS and really dive into Data Science.

Eligibility – Eligible students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and be in good standing with the University at the time of application.

Academic Plan – MCIT Online students that meet the eligibility criteria will graduate from MCIT Online and matriculate as a MSE-DS Online student, transferring four (4) electives from MCIT Online and taking six (6) additional MSE-DS Online courses resulting in two (2) graduate degrees from Penn Engineering for a total of sixteen (16) courses.

MCIT + Online Graduate Certificate

Gain expertise in crucial computer science areas with our certificates in Data Science and Software Systems, expanding your career horizons.

Eligibility – Graduates of MCIT Online.

Academic Plan – If you graduated in the last five (5) years, you may transfer in two courses for your Certificate. Certificates consist of four courses from the certificate plan.

Try Before You Apply

Not sure if MCIT Online is for you? Try an open-enrollment course or specialization to find out what to expect.

Computational Thinking for Problem Solving

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Introduction to Programming with Python and Java

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