June 21, 2022

MSE-DS Online Admissions Webinar with Dr. James Gee, MSE-DS Online Program Director

Hear from our MSE-DS Online Program Director, Dr. James Gee, and our Director of Online Academic Programs, Olivia Roth, about the details of the new MSE-DS Online program. Learn about the program curriculum, the program structure and the application requirements.


James C. Gee

  • Program Director, Online Master of Science in Engineering in Data Science
  • Professor, Departments of Radiology and Computer and Information Science
  • Director, Penn Image Computing and Science Laboratory

Olivia Nyce Roth

  • Director of Online Academic Programs
  • Academic Advisor, MCIT Online & MSE-DS Online

Email: oliviarb@seas.upenn.edu

Jacquie Panto

  • Associate Director of Admissions

Email: jpanto@seas.upenn.edu