High achieving MCIT Online students

…with a strong interest in data science can choose to continue on with a dual degree in the online Master of Science in Engineering in Data Science (MSE-DS Online).

MCIT Online students that meet the eligibility criteria will graduate from MCIT Online and matriculate as a MSE-DS Online student, transferring four (4) electives from MCIT Online and taking six (6) additional MSE-DS Online courses resulting in two graduate degrees from Penn Engineering for a total of sixteen courses.


Highly motivated MCIT Online students may apply for the dual degree with MSE-DS Online once they have completed any six (6) courses in the MCIT Online curriculum.  Eligible students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and be in good standing with the University at the time of application. MCIT Online alumni may apply as well.

Application Process

Students will submit a short personal statement explaining their interest in the MSE-DS Online program. There is no application fee. Students will receive confirmation of acceptance shortly after the application form closes.

NOTE: If you are not a current student or alumni but are interested in the MCIT | MSE-DS Online Dual Degree program you must first apply to MCIT Online and complete the eligibility requirements.

Dual Degree Request Information Form


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Application Form Timeline

Spring 2023Summer 2023Fall 2023
Application Form OpensJuly 15, 2022
January 3, 2023March 2, 2023
Application Form ClosesNovember 1, 2022February 28, 2023May 2, 2023
Decision NotificationNovember 18, 2022March 14, 2023June 15, 2023
Deposit DueDecember 8, 2022April 4, 2023July 14, 2023
Orientation StartsDecember 12, 2022April 10, 2023July 24, 2023
Classes Begin January 9, 2023May 8, 2023August 28. 2023

Example Plan of Study

Course UnitsProgram Selections
6 CUsMCIT Online Core
4 CUsMCIT Online Electives*
6 CUsMSE-DS remaining requirements
16 CUs Total

*Make sure that 4 MCIT Online Elective CUs will fit in the MSE-DS Online curriculum. Consult an academic advisor about your plan of study.

** MCIT Online Courses transferred to MSE-DS Online must be completed within five (5) years from the start of the MSE-DS program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for the Dual Degree in the semester I am completing my sixth course requirement?

No, you must first complete six courses so that the GPA of those six courses can be calculated.

How do I know which courses to take if I am a dual-degree student?

Please reach out to the Student Affairs Team for advising assistance.

I have been admitted to the Dual Degree program and have graduated from MCIT Online, but I would like to defer my admission. What should I do?

The first step is to accept our offer and pay the deposit. After enrollment, please email the MSE-DS Online student affairs team to inquire about the deferral request instructions.

The deadline to request a deferral is the last day before classes begin for your first graduate semester. If approved, you can defer for up to two fall/spring semesters (one academic year) at a time.