May 01, 2023

Expanding Opportunities for Lifelong Learning

Learning is a lifelong endeavor that expands your horizons and keeps you ahead of the curve in your career. That’s why we provide numerous options for alumni and community members to continue learning through on-demand classes, certificate options and more.

Some of our lifelong learning options are a great first step toward a graduate degree, while others provide the continuing education you need to stay sharp. All of them offer an accessible, affordable way to build skills and keep up with the latest advances in engineering and computer science.

On-Demand Learning

Open to everyone and free for Penn Engineering alumni, on-demand learning gives you access to noncredit courses in programming, robotics and more. On-demand courses are taught by Penn Engineering faculty in partnership with Coursera, giving you an Ivy League experience at an affordable cost and with the ultimate in flexibility.

Current course offerings include the following:
  • Computational Thinking for Problem Solving
  • Exploring Renewable Energy Schemes
  • Data Analysis Using Python
  • Inheritance and Data Structures in Java
  • Robotics 1: Aerial Robotics

To see the full list and sign up for a course, visit On-Demand Learning.

Take A Course

If you’re a graduate of any Penn Engineering degree program, we invite you to keep learning through online graduate courses in computer information technology or data science. Whether you take courses on an individual basis or apply your credits toward a degree or certificate, you’ll engage with Penn Engineering faculty and keep your skills up to date in a competitive industry.

The courses you can take depend on your academic background but may include the following:
  • Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
  • Data Structures & Software Design
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning for Data Science
  • Statistics for Data Science

To learn more, visit Take a Course.

Online Graduate Certificates

Our graduate certificate programs offer a deep dive into a particular area of interest within the computer science field. Taking just a few courses will give you a for-credit credential that will build your skills and expand your career options. All Penn Engineering alumni are eligible to apply for Online Graduate Certificates.

Two certificate pathways are available:
  • The Data Science Online Graduate Certificate combines the fundamentals of linear algebra and optimization with coursework in areas including artificial intelligence, big data and computer vision.
  • The Software Systems Online Graduate Certificate focuses on networked systems, software analysis, blockchains and cryptography, wireless communications and more.

To learn more and submit your application, visit Online Graduate Certificates.