A prominent researcher in AI, Chris Callison-Burch is a sought-after subject matter expert who has testified before Congress about the relationship between generative AI and copyright law. He is best known for his research into natural language processing, with current work focusing on applications of large language models to long-standing challenges in artificial intelligence. 

He is the author of more than 100 publications, which have been cited more than 25,000 times. A Sloan Research Fellow, he has received faculty research awards from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Roblox, in addition to funding from DARPA, IARPA and the NSF.

Since joining the Penn Engineering faculty in 2013, Callison-Burch has distinguished himself as an outstanding educator. Each year, more than 500 students take his course on artificial intelligence, making it one of the University‚Äôs most popular classes. 

He holds a Ph.D. in Informatics and an M.S. with Distinction in Computer Science, both from the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom.

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