June 11, 2024

Admissions Webinar: MSE-AI Online with Chris Callison Burch

On May 21, 2024 Penn Engineering Online hosted a webinar featuring Chris Callison-Burch, who serves as Program Director for the MSE-AI Online degree program. Callison-Burch is also an Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science and an industry-leading researcher who has been working on natural language processing and language learning models for decades. Widely regarded as an expert in the field, Callison-Burch is frequently consulted by media outlets such as CNN, Fox and Yahoo.

This was the first-ever webinar exploring Penn Engineering Online’s newest degree:
The Raj and Neera Singh Program in Artificial Intelligence: Online Master of Science in Engineering in AI

Program Director Callison-Burch spoke to prospective students about the MSE-AI Online degree program, which has been designed for those with undergraduate degrees in Computer Science or Computer Engineering (or an equivalent degree) who are looking to take a deep dive into AI disciplines and help shape the future of the AI revolution. An MSE-AI degree will equip students with a comprehensive understanding of AI’s mathematical and algorithmic foundations, positioning them to flourish in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI technology. Callison-Burch presented on the program’s curriculum, the course experience, dual degree opportunities — and more. Webinar participants also heard from Jacquie Panto, Associate Director of Admissions, about best practices for assembling and submitting a strong MSE-AI Online application.

Watch the recording to learn more about our online graduate degree programs and what makes Penn Engineering Online so unique. It’s not just the way we make Ivy League academics flexible and accessible to learners from a wide variety of backgrounds and lifestyles; or the interactive, international online community we’ve developed. It’s also our world-class faculty who are active in their fields, constantly on the cutting edge of research and innovation.


Chris Callison-Burch

  • Associate Professor, Computer and Information Science
  • Program Director, Online Master of Science in Engineering in Artificial Intelligence

Email: ccb@upenn.edu

Jacquie Panto

  • Associate Director of Admissions

Email: jpanto@seas.upenn.edu