April 26, 2022

MCIT Online Admissions Webinar with Dr. Tom Farmer, MCIT Online Program Director

Hear from our MCIT Online Program Director, Dr. Tom Farmer, and our Director of Online Academic Programs, Olivia Roth, about the program curriculum and application process. Learn tips about who your recommenders should be, how to prepare a strong personal statement and other application advice.


Tom Farmer

  • Program Director, Online Master of Computer and Information Technology
  • Senior Lecturer, Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering & Department of Computer and Information Science

Email: tfarmer@seas.upenn.edu

Olivia Nyce Roth

  • Director of Online Academic Programs
  • Academic Advisor, MCIT Online & MSE-DS Online

Email: oliviarb@seas.upenn.edu

Jacquie Panto

  • Associate Director of Admissions

Email: jpanto@seas.upenn.edu