April 10, 2020

New Summer 2020 Electives

Starting in the Summer 2020 semester, MCIT Online is offering the following two new electives:

CIS 515 Fundamentals of Linear Algebra & Optimization (Math for Machine Learning)

There are hardly any machine learning problems whose solutions do not make use of linear algebra. This course presents tools from linear algebra and basic optimization that are used to solve various machine learning and computer science problems. It places emphasis on linear regression, data compression, support vector machines and more, which will provide a basis for further study in machine learning, computer vision, and data science. Both theoretical and algorithmic aspects will be discussed, and students will apply theory to real-world situations through MATLAB projects.

CIS 547 Software Anaylsis

This course provides a rigorous and hands-on introduction to the field of software analysis — a body of powerful techniques and tools for analyzing modern software, with applications to systematically uncover insidious bugs, prevent security vulnerabilities, automate testing and debugging, and improve our confidence that software will behave as intended. Topics covered include dynamic analysis, random testing, automated test generation, dataflow analysis, constraint solving, type inference, and symbolic execution. Lectures present software analysis concepts and algorithms in a language-independent manner, while weekly programming labs involve realizing them concretely in C++ using the LLVM compiler infrastructure. This course will enable you to become a better software engineer or security analyst by learning a rich repertoire of software analysis ideas and know-how to apply them to specific scenarios in practice.

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