February 11, 2021

MCIT Online Admissions Webinar: Hear from MCIT Online’s Brandon Krakowsky, instructor of the new Intro to Python & Java specialization

Join Brandon Krakowsky, an MCIT Alumni turned Lecturer, on February 18th. Professor Krakowsky not only teaches the MCIT Online intro course but is also the instructor for the newly launched Intro to Programming with Python & Java specialization. Krakowsky will speak about how the MCIT degree influenced his life and what to expect in the first course in the program. The webinar will also cover how to prepare for your first 90 days of MCIT Online, the curriculum and program structure, as well as the admissions process.

Additional Speakers:

Olivia Roth
Senior Associate Director @Penn Engineering Online

Rafhia Foster
MCIT Online Admissions Coordinator @Penn Engineering Online Learning