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MSE-AI Online Webinar with Chris Callison-Burch Webinar

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Tuesday, May 21, 2024  •  


Meet Professor Chris Callison-Burch and learn more about MSE-AI Online

Content Description

Join us to learn more about our recently launched degree program:
THE RAJ AND NEERA SINGH Program in Artificial Intelligence: Master of Science in Engineering in AI Online

This marks a pivotal moment for Penn Engineering, showcasing our commitment to excellence in the realm of AI education.  The online Master of Science in Engineering in Artificial Intelligence (MSE-AI Online) degree program has been designed for those with undergraduate degrees in Computer Science or Computer Engineering (or an equivalent degree) who are looking to take a deep dive into AI disciplines and help shape the future of the AI revolution. An online MSE-AI degree will equip students with a comprehensive understanding of AI’s mathematical and algorithmic foundations, positioning them to flourish in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI technology.

Attendees of this webinar will meet Program Director Chris Callison-Burch, who leads the MSE-AI Online Program. He is also an associate professor of Computer and Information Science and an industry-leading researcher who has been working on natural language processing and language learning models for decades. Widely regarded as an expert in the field, Callison-Burch is frequently consulted by media outlets such as CNN, Fox and Yahoo.

During this webinar, Program Director Callison-Burch and our Associate Director of Admissions, Jacquie Panto, will answer questions and provide insights into: 

  • the MSE-AI Online program curriculum and the cutting-edge digital learning experience;
  • the comprehensive portfolio of community resources and student support; 
  • the admissions process and best practices for submitting a strong application.

Webinar participants will discover Penn Engineering Online’s interactive, international online community and how we make Ivy League academics flexible and accessible to learners from a wide variety of backgrounds. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear directly from a member of our world-class faculty about our commitment to innovation and engineering excellence.