April 10, 2024

Collaborative Community

Throughout the month of March, the Admission Team at Penn Engineering Online hosted the COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY Webinar Series. Each week, a different group of community members was invited to share their perspective with prospective students, offering an inside look at Penn Engineering’s collaborative, supportive approach to online learning. Speakers included current online graduate students, former Teaching Assistants, MCIT Online alumni, and staff members from the Professional Development, Student Affairs and Course Education Management teams. This series was designed to highlight the multitude of community resources that are available to support students on their personal, professional and academic journeys. 

The Penn Engineering Online student experience is unlike many other online degree programs. Our students don’t just have access to a world-class Ivy League education from wherever they are in the world — they become immersed in an inclusive, engaged network. Easy access to peers, faculty and staff is facilitated through a comprehensive portfolio of communications platforms and support services. Students can engage with Academic Advisors from any location or time zone. Courses are designed and delivered by a dedicated Course Delivery team who provide direct support to students. Students can also access course-related assistance by connecting to faculty, Teaching Assistants, mentors and coaches. To expand their network, students can participate in ongoing discussion boards and forums or can immerse further into the community by getting involved with the student association or by attending events, both virtual and in-person, like hackathons or Road Trips.

As Penn Engineering Online students prepare to graduate from their master’s degree program, they also have access to comprehensive career services. Whether they are looking to launch a new career or expand the possibilities within their current role or company; students can take advantage of professional development resources including virtual career advising, networking, virtual career fairs, skills development opportunities, interview preparation, resume review, employer site visits … and more!

Throughout the webinar series, you will hear from students and alumni from a wide variety of backgrounds including literature, mechanical engineering, education, aerospace, and nutrition.

These individuals struck a common chord as they reflected on how the online Master of Computer and Information Technology (MCIT Online) degree program empowered them with the foundational knowledge in computer science that was needed to achieve their career aspirations in numerous fields.

View the MCIT Online Career Outcomes Report to learn more. Our staff also shared that many students are now using the online Master of Science in Engineering in Data Science (MSE-DS Online) degree program to pursue in-demand pathways across industries.

Explore the full COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY playlist to learn more about how these flexible world-class degrees are unlocking doors for students around the world who want to propel their careers, and look behind-the-scenes at the supportive learning environment that defines the Penn Engineering Online experience.